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Buy Microwave Ovens in Sri Lanka at Best Prices

Microwave ovens have become one of the necessary products across the world with their demand increasing every other day. Today, a microwave oven is not only an essential home appliance but is also indispensable equipment for offices. Whether you want to heat your food or you require giving a fresh and crispy taste to your cookies, there won't be a better way to do so than by making use of a microwave oven. If you are in search of the best range of microwave ovens in Sri Lanka, you are at the right place! Daraz's online marketplace has the widest collection of microwave ovens from all renowned brands including Panasonic, LG, Innovex and Samsung microwave ovens along with many more.

Types of Microwave Ovens Available at Daraz

The range of microwave ovens available at Daraz includes those which are made for countertops as well as microwave ovens that are made especially to fit in different places. Majority of the microwave ovens are made to sit on the countertop just because of the majority of the people like using them this way. Please read below to find out the types of microwave ovens you can find at Daraz.

Countertop Microwave Ovens

As already mentioned above, the countertop microwave ovens are the most popular ones. As the name clearly suggests, they are made to be placed on countertops and are highly convenient to use. The best part is that these portable microwave ovens can be easily carried from the kitchen to any other room for use, just because of its portability. These are less costly as compared to other microwave oven types and are manufactured in different sizes that include up to 40 liters and even more. You can also find countertop whirlpool microwave ovens at best prices on Daraz Sri Lanka.

Built-in Microwave Ovens

As the name suggests, these ovens are manufactured in a way that they are placed within the racks for use in the kitchens. These are not portable ovens but require custom made cabinets in the kitchen where they are installed for good. The built-in microwave does not have vents and finished sides. Since they are not portable it doesn't mean that they come without any special benefits. The biggest benefit of built-in microwave ovens is that they save a lot of space making it possible for you to use your kitchen counter for placing other kitchen utensils and equipment. For all those who have smaller kitchens, there isn't a better way to save space than by installing built-in microwave ovens in their kitchens. Built-in microwave ovens prices in Sri Lanka are affordable especially if Daraz is your online shopping partner.

Grill Type Microwave Ovens

The grill type microwave ovens are made for traditional cooking and are a great choice for all those who love making conventional foods. The grill type microwave ovens help to brown the food products as well as for making just perfect kebabs, tikkas and parathas. The food can be cooked in grill-type microwave ovens for as long as ninety-nine minutes in a single go and can be bought online at Daraz at the most competitive prices.