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MP3 Players Prices In Sri Lanka At Daraz

MP3 players are the most hot and essential portable devices that are used for storing a large amount of audio data that could be carried conveniently and listened to anywhere. When MP3 players became popular back in the 90s, they had a very limited storage capacity due to their very basic interface. As the technology advanced over the course of years, the latest generation of MP3 players is highly sophisticated and is designed to serve multiple purposes. It has a huge capacity for storing data and is the most wanted gadget in today's time. People from all ages carry all types of MP3 players with them to listen to music, radio and for several other purposes.

MP3 players come in various styles and a wide range of functionalities to increase their usability. While purchasing MP3 players, buyers should consider the aspect of how they will be using that player because various styles of MP3 players are specifically designed to perform certain activities. Since MP3 players come with a diverse range of functions, buyers should think about the use of that player in the long-run to ensure that the purchased device will match with their demands.

Types of MP3 players

As it is aforementioned, MP3 players are available in various types depending upon their use and functions. The two most important types of MP3 players are hard drive based MP3 players and flash based MP3 players. In hard drive based MP3 player, the audio files are stored in hard drive components and these players are heavier to carry as compared to flash based MP3 players. In flash based MP3 players the audio files are stored on flash memory. This type of MP3 is perfect for everyday use and can be carried around easily.

Functions of MP3 Players

The latest generation MP3 players have become quite technologically advanced to meet the increasing needs of the customers. New MP3 players perform the following functions:

1- Data Storage

2- Video and Photos

3- Audio Recording

4- Playback options

5- Hold Switch

6- Radio Reception

7- Digital Signalling Processing

Most Common Uses Of MP3 Players

Since multi-purpose MP3 players have become an integral part of our everyday lives, the use of MP3 players has increased exponentially. MP3 players are frequently used for recreational purposes like listening to music. Due to it's many cool features, MP3 players are also used for taking photos, making videos. People use Mp3 players usually when they are driving or exercising.

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