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The Grain That Sustains: A Guide to Rice Selection on Daraz.lk


Rice is more than just a staple food; it's a cultural and culinary cornerstone for millions around the world. This versatile grain is a source of comfort, nourishment, and endless culinary possibilities. Whether you're preparing a hearty biryani, a delicate sushi roll, or a classic bowl of steamed rice, the quality and type of rice you choose can make all the difference in your dishes. In this article, we'll dive into the world of rice and introduce you to some of the top products available on Daraz.lk. From fragrant Basmati rice to sticky sushi rice, you'll discover the perfect rice varieties to elevate your meals.

The Many Faces of Rice

Before we explore our selection of top products, let's understand the significance of rice and the diverse options available:

  • Staple Food: Rice is a staple food for over half of the world's population, providing a significant portion of daily caloric intake.
  • Culinary Versatility: It serves as the base for countless dishes, including pilafs, curries, risottos, and more.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Rice is a source of carbohydrates and essential nutrients, making it a valuable part of a balanced diet.

Top Rice Products on Daraz.lk

Now, let's explore some of the top rice products available on Daraz.lk, along with their respective prices in LKR.

Product Price (LKR)
Basmati Rice (5kg) 1,490
Jasmine Rice (2kg) 890
Sushi Rice (1kg) 690
Brown Rice (2kg) 790
Arborio Rice (1kg) 990
  • Basmati Rice (5kg) - Price: LKR 1,490

    Known for its fragrant aroma and long, slender grains, Basmati rice is a favorite for biryanis and pilafs. This 5kg pack offers plenty for multiple meals.

  • Jasmine Rice (2kg) - Price: LKR 890

    Jasmine rice, with its delicate fragrance and soft texture, is a staple in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisines. This 2kg pack is perfect for Thai curries and stir-fries.

  • Sushi Rice (1kg) - Price: LKR 690

    Sushi rice is a short-grain rice known for its stickiness, making it ideal for sushi and other Japanese dishes. This 1kg pack is perfect for homemade sushi nights.

  • Brown Rice (2kg) - Price: LKR 790

    Brown rice is a healthier option, as it retains the bran layer, providing more nutrients and fiber. This 2kg pack is great for health-conscious individuals.

  • Arborio Rice (1kg) - Price: LKR 990

    Arborio rice is the star of creamy Italian risottos. Its high starch content results in a creamy texture. This 1kg pack is perfect for making gourmet risotto dishes.


Rice is not just a grain; it's a canvas for culinary creativity and a source of nourishment for billions worldwide. The top products mentioned in this article offer a diverse range of rice varieties to cater to various culinary preferences and dietary needs.

Daraz.lk provides a platform to explore and purchase these essential pantry staples, ensuring that you have access to top-quality rice products that elevate your meals. Whether you're creating a sumptuous biryani, a fragrant Thai curry, or a creamy risotto, the perfect rice from Daraz.lk will be the foundation of your culinary masterpiece. Explore the world of rice, savor its diverse flavors and textures, and create unforgettable meals with the finest rice varieties available.

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