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Unleash Your Best Hair with Hair Brushes & Combs from


Hair is an essential part of our appearance, and taking care of it is a daily ritual. The right hairbrush or comb can make a significant difference in maintaining healthy and beautiful locks. Whether you want to detangle, style, or simply keep your hair looking its best, the right tools are crucial. At, we understand the importance of hair care, and we offer a wide range of high-quality hair brushes and combs to cater to your unique needs.

The Significance of Hair Brushes & Combs:

  • Hair Health and Maintenance

    Proper brushing and combing help distribute natural oils, stimulate the scalp, and prevent hair damage.

  • Styling and Versatility

    Different brushes and combs serve various styling purposes, from straightening to creating volume.

  • Everyday Essentials

    Hairbrushes and combs are everyday grooming essentials that everyone needs.

Top Hair Brushes & Combs on

Product Price in LKR
Paddle Brush (Detangling and Smoothing) - Wide surface area for effective detangling, Ideal for long and thick hair, Smooths and straightens hair Starting from 399
Round Ceramic Hair Brush (Volume and Curls) - Ceramic barrel for even heat distribution, Adds volume and creates curls, Suitable for various hair lengths Starting from 799
Wide-Tooth Comb (Detangling and Wet Hair) - Wide teeth prevent breakage in wet hair, Ideal for detangling after showering, Suitable for all hair types Starting from 199
Boar Bristle Brush (Natural Shine and Smoothing) - Natural boar bristles for added shine, Distributes oils for a healthy sheen, Reduces frizz and enhances smoothness Starting from 499
Fine-Tooth Comb (Precision Styling) - Fine teeth for precise styling and parting, Ideal for creating intricate hairstyles, Suitable for short and medium-length hair Starting from 299

Choosing the Right Hair Brush or Comb:

  • Hair Type and Texture

    Consider your hair type (straight, curly, wavy) and texture (fine, coarse) when selecting a brush or comb.

  • Styling Needs

    Determine your styling needs, whether it's volumizing, smoothing, or detangling.

  • Material and Durability

    Evaluate the material of the brush or comb based on your hair's condition and your desired results.


Hair brushes and combs are essential tools for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair and achieving the desired style. At, we offer a diverse selection of hair brushes and combs to cater to your unique hair care and styling needs.

Invest in your hair's health, beauty, and style with hair brushes and combs from Whether you're looking to detangle, add volume, or create a polished look, our range ensures you have access to high-quality brushes and combs that prioritize hair health, styling versatility, and everyday grooming excellence.

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