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Illuminate Your World: A Guide to Photography & Studio Lighting on


Photography is the art of capturing moments, emotions, and stories through the lens of a camera. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the quality of your photos often depends on the lighting you use. Photography and studio lighting equipment play a crucial role in creating stunning images with the right mood and atmosphere. In this article, we'll explore the world of photography and studio lighting and introduce you to some of the top products available on From versatile LED panels to classic softboxes, you'll discover the perfect lighting solutions to illuminate your subjects and bring your photography to life.

The Power of Lighting in Photography

Before we delve into our selection of top products, let's understand why lighting is essential in photography:

  • Mood and Atmosphere: Lighting sets the tone and mood of your photos, whether it's a warm, cozy portrait or a vibrant, dynamic scene.
  • Highlighting Details: Proper lighting helps to reveal intricate details and textures in your subjects.
  • Eliminating Shadows: Studio lighting can reduce harsh shadows and create even illumination, ensuring your subject stands out.

Top Photography & Studio Lighting Products on

Now, let's explore some of the top photography and studio lighting products available on, along with their respective prices in LKR.

Product Price (LKR)
LED Video Light Panel (Bi-Color, 660 LEDs) 12,990
Softbox Lighting Kit (2 Softboxes) 8,490
Ring Light with Tripod Stand (18-inch) 9,890
Backdrop Support Stand Kit (10x6.5ft) 6,590
Portable Photo Studio Box (16-inch) 3,990
  • LED Video Light Panel (Bi-Color, 660 LEDs) - Price: LKR 12,990

    This LED video light panel features 660 LEDs and offers adjustable color temperature. It's perfect for both photography and videography.

  • Softbox Lighting Kit (2 Softboxes) - Price: LKR 8,490

    The softbox lighting kit includes two softboxes for diffused, flattering light. It's ideal for portrait photography and product shoots.

  • Ring Light with Tripod Stand (18-inch) - Price: LKR 9,890

    The 18-inch ring light with a tripod stand provides even and flattering illumination, making it a favorite for beauty and fashion photography.

  • Backdrop Support Stand Kit (10x6.5ft) - Price: LKR 6,590

    This backdrop support stand kit is perfect for setting up backgrounds for portraits and studio photography.

  • Portable Photo Studio Box (16-inch) - Price: LKR 3,990

    For small product photography, this portable photo studio box provides diffused lighting and a convenient shooting environment.


Photography and studio lighting are essential aspects of creating captivating and professional-quality images. The top products mentioned in this article offer a variety of lighting solutions to cater to different photography needs and styles. provides a platform to explore and purchase these essential photography and studio lighting equipment, ensuring that you have access to top-quality lighting solutions that enhance your photography. Whether you're shooting portraits, products, or creative compositions, the right lighting from will illuminate your subjects and elevate your photography to new heights. Explore the world of photography and studio lighting, experiment with different setups, and capture moments that tell your unique story.

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