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Buy Wall Art in Sri Lanka

There’s nothing that can bring down the vibe of a room more than a plain, boring old wall. You can always get great paintings to liven up your space but if you really want to stand out then why not consider wall stickers especially if these wall stickers are for baby rooms.

You can find a wide variety of wall stickers online that can act like 3D wallpapers on Daraz Sri Lanka. 3D wallpaper prices in Sri Lanka vary based on the type of stickers you buy and the individual sellers you choose to buy from.

What Are Wall Stickers Exactly?

Wall stickers are exactly what they claim to be – stickers that can adhere to your walls to create a number of patterns and designs.  Here are a few popular forms of wall stickers.

  • Glow in the dark wall stickers
  • 3D wall stickers
  • Wall stickers that act like wallpaper
  • Textual wall stickers
  • Mural wall stickers
  • Panel paintings
  • Themed art wall stickers

These versatile stickers are great to use in place of other décor to make a room really come to life. Glow in the dark stickers have a distinct advantage of lighting up the room and making it look pretty when no other form of décor can be seen in the dark.

Baby room decorations in Sri Lanka can be very expensive to buy but with wall stickers, you can add some creative flair to your child’s room without having to spend an arm and leg.

There are a number of educational wall stickers such as the alphabet, numbers, or animals that you can use. These will not only make the room look more appealing for your kid, it will also give them a great chance to learn as they grow older.

Wall stickers aren’t just for babies though! They’re great for teens and adults too! You can find a number of themed superhero wall stickers for your enthusiastic teens as well as some beautiful panel painting stickers or 3D designs that can work great in bedrooms and living rooms alike.

It all depends on how you use them. Wall stickers can also be a great addition to commercial spaces such a shop or café. Textual wall stickers go great anywhere and are neutral décor so they can fit in with whatever theme you have going.

Buy Wall Stickers Online in Sri Lanka with Daraz

If you’re wondering where the wall sticker center in Sri Lanka is you don’t need to look any further! Daraz Sri Lanka has the widest range of wall stickers you can imagine. With multiple sellers, designs, and uses these stickers from Daraz are going to be essential to making your home décor stand out.

Choose from a variety of options without the hassle of going from store to store. Once you have your chosen wall stickers decided, you can choose from one of our easy payment methods and have the stickers delivered to your door easy and hassle free!

Wall Srickers Price List in Sri Lanka




Wall Stickers Price
10m Modern 3D Non-woven Wave Textured 4,465 LKR
3D Wall Sticker 975 LKR
Stars Glow In Dark Light Emitting Star
530 LKR
36 Pieces Multi color 3D Butterfly 750 LKR
100Pcs Glow In The Dark Stars 729 LKR
Set Of 48 Pieces 3D Butterfly Wall
890 LKR
Oil Proof Kitchen Wall Stickers 1870 LKR
5Pcs Cascade The Blue Sky River Wall
Painting Picture
1,765 LKR