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Mobility and Independence: A Guide to Wheelchairs on Daraz.lk


Wheelchairs play a crucial role in providing mobility and independence to individuals with mobility challenges. Whether for temporary recovery or long-term use, choosing the right wheelchair is essential for comfort and accessibility. At Daraz.lk, we understand the significance of finding the perfect wheelchair to suit your specific needs. In this article, we will explore the world of wheelchairs, their significance, and present some top wheelchair products available on Daraz.lk, complete with their prices in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR).

The Significance of Wheelchairs

  • Enhanced Mobility: Wheelchairs empower individuals with mobility limitations to move independently.
  • Accessibility: They provide access to various places, both indoors and outdoors, that may be otherwise challenging to navigate.
  • Comfort: Modern wheelchairs are designed with ergonomic features to ensure comfort during extended use.

Top Wheelchair Products on Daraz.lk

Manual Wheelchairs

Product Description Price (LKR)
Foldable Lightweight Manual Wheelchair A lightweight and foldable manual wheelchair for easy transport and storage, suitable for daily use. 15,990
Ergonomic Self-Propelled Wheelchair An ergonomic self-propelled wheelchair with padded armrests and adjustable footrests for enhanced comfort. 22,490
Reclining Manual Wheelchair A reclining manual wheelchair with multiple positions for added comfort during extended periods of use. 29,990

Electric Wheelchairs

Product Description Price (LKR)
Compact Electric Wheelchair A compact and lightweight electric wheelchair with a joystick controller for easy maneuverability. 78,990
Power Tilt and Recline Wheelchair An electric wheelchair with power tilt and recline features, offering enhanced comfort and positioning. 105,990
Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair A heavy-duty electric wheelchair designed for individuals with higher weight capacities and durability needs. 94,990

Benefits of Specific Wheelchair Products

  • Foldable Lightweight Manual Wheelchair: This wheelchair is perfect for everyday use and offers easy transport and storage due to its foldable design.
  • Power Tilt and Recline Wheelchair: Ideal for users who require adjustable positioning, this electric wheelchair provides power tilt and recline features for maximum comfort.
  • Compact Electric Wheelchair: With a compact and lightweight design, this electric wheelchair is highly maneuverable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Your Needs

  • Type: Determine whether you need a manual or electric wheelchair based on your mobility and comfort requirements.
  • Weight Capacity: Ensure that the wheelchair can accommodate your weight comfortably.
  • Portability: Consider the wheelchair's foldability and ease of transport, especially if you need to travel.


Wheelchairs are essential mobility aids that provide individuals with the freedom to move and access various environments. At Daraz.lk, we offer a wide range of wheelchairs designed to cater to different needs, from everyday use to specialized requirements. These wheelchairs not only enhance mobility but also prioritize user comfort and convenience. Explore the selection of wheelchairs on Daraz.lk and find the perfect one to regain your mobility and independence. With the right wheelchair, you can enjoy a more active and fulfilling life, confidently navigating your world with ease.

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