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Selfie Sticks Online in Sri Lanka

As the trend of selfie has increased in the recent years, so has the demand for better accessories for selfie. One of the most amazing accessory that is used by people these days are selfie sticks. These work like a monopod where the person has to position their smartphone beyond a certain range by using their arms. Selfie sticks price in Sri Lanka are very reasonable and gaining a lot of popularity because they not only help in taking flawless selfies but are fun to use. Several brands have introduced new and improved designs for selfie stick. Monopod selfie sticks are quite in demand because they can easily be used as a normal monopod.

Best Selfie Sticks Prices in Sri Lanka

Bluetooth selfie sticks are the most demanded types of selfie sticks because it can be easily connected to the Bluetooth and taking pictures is made easy. This model of selfie sticks price in Sri Lanka allows the user to take pictures by clicking a trigger. Some selfie sticks require a separate button which allows the photo to be taken while others have a built-in Bluetooth system. These work great for people who are travelling because it folds very easily and it is very lightweight.

These selfie sticks do not have a trigger system and work manually. This works well for users who do not mind taking selfie using the timer on the mobile phone. The selfie stick will only act as a holder to take wider picture angles but will help take good quality pictures. Also other types of manual ones are; extendable wired selfie sticks which do not always have a trigger system and have to be used manually.

Superb Selfie Sticks Price in Sri Lanka

The cable selfie sticks do not need any batteries or external power. These have cable triggers that are known as the Looq and Noot systems. When the cell phone device is attached to this type of selfie stick, the wire has to be connected to the smartphone's headphone jack which automatically launches the camera application. As much as these selfie sticks prices in Sri Lanka can be steep because they are in demand, some people prefer wireless selfie sticks at