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Enhance Your Device's Safety with Tempered Glass


In the fast-paced digital era, our smartphones, tablets, and other devices are our lifelines. Ensuring their longevity and safety is crucial, and tempered glass is an invaluable accessory to achieve just that. At, we understand the significance of protecting your devices, and we offer a diverse range of tempered glass options to safeguard your screens.

Why Tempered Glass Matters:

  • Unmatched Protection

    Tempered glass screen protectors are specifically designed to absorb impact and protect your device's fragile screen from scratches, cracks, and shattering.

  • Crystal-Clear Clarity

    Unlike plastic screen protectors, tempered glass maintains the clarity and touch sensitivity of your device, providing an almost invisible layer of protection.

  • Easy Installation

    Most tempered glass protectors come with an easy installation kit, making it hassle-free to apply without bubbles or misalignment.

Top Tempered Glass Products on

Product Price in LKR
iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass - Specifically designed for iPhone 12/12 Pro, 9H hardness for premium protection, Ultra-clear and touch-sensitive 499
Samsung Galaxy S21+ Tempered Glass - Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21+, 2.5D rounded edges for comfort, Protects against scratches and drops 699
iPad 10.2-inch Tempered Glass - Designed for iPad 10.2-inch (8th and 7th gen), Bubble-free installation, Preserves display clarity 999
MacBook Pro 13-inch Tempered Glass - Tailored for MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020), High-quality, anti-scratch glass, Easy to install and clean 1,299
Universal Tempered Glass (Various Sizes) - Fits a range of devices, Comes with installation kit, Affordable and effective 399

Choosing the Right Tempered Glass:

  • Device Compatibility

    Ensure that you select a tempered glass protector specifically designed for your device to guarantee a perfect fit.

  • Hardness Rating

    Look for a protector with a high hardness rating (measured in H) for superior protection against scratches and impacts. 9H is a common rating for premium protection.

  • Additional Features

    Some tempered glass protectors offer additional features such as anti-fingerprint coatings or blue light filters for enhanced user experience.


Your device's screen is its most vulnerable component, and protecting it with tempered glass is a smart investment. At, we offer a diverse range of tempered glass options to cater to your device protection needs.

Invest in high-quality tempered glass to preserve your device's longevity, clarity, and touch sensitivity. Explore our collection today and discover the peace of mind that comes with safeguarding your screens with tempered glass from

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